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In this 10-part series Walter Cronkite takes viewers on a journey across the North Atlantic to rediscover a group of countries that display enormous natural beauty, and surprising sophistication, that value ancient traditions and are on the leading edge of change — a region we call Scandinavia. The five Nordic countries of Europe — Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – are each unique and interesting, while finding enough common ground to maintain Nordic cooperation.

The Viking tradition of risk and exploration is alive today in men and women who use massive machinery and micro technology to explore the seas, the land, and the human condition. In doing so they wield a great international impact in the marketplace, staying always on the competitive edge, including pioneering leadership in green technology.

The series examines the immense military and economic impact geographical borders, with Russia on the east and Germany on the south, have had historically and still have today. Scandinavia boasts the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, presidents of two of the youngest democracies in Western Europe, and business leaders with a distinctive style. But they all share the common touch and women in strong leadership roles.

What is it that makes Scandinavian design in glass, furniture, and fabrics so distinctive? What goes on in the minds of designers who combine art with every aspect of daily living? Scandinavia provides some answers.

Not forgotten is the richness of Scandinavian tradition, from reindeer herds to mid-summer celebrations of the midnight sun. Nor the impact nearly a million immigrants from Scandinavia have had on North America.

10 x 26 minutes

Produced by Mary Frost

Written and Directed by Frank Frost